New movie site was a major disappointment

When the modern theater opened downtown almost everyone seemed to be talking about it. The supplier had bought the old building plus restored it to is former glory along with adding some modern updates. They had installed modern internet services so that you could use the Wi-Fi in the modern dining area plus even a virtual reality room where you could go in a feel like you were in the movie setting. All of that was very great, however, they should have invested in a higher grade Heating plus A/C system. The building itself is over one hundred years old plus several of the people in town were glad that it had not been torn down. The concern was that the contractor in charge of the job had opted to simply maintenance plus maintain the old Heating plus A/C system instead of purchasing a modern one. The old system was not equipped to put out enough freezing air… All of the modern electrical component added heat to the building plus the old system ran non stop. After only two months, the theater had to shut down for a week to update the Heating plus A/C unit. Some of the buyers had even complained that while at a show the air had been very uncomfortable. The theater should love more supplier now that they have updated to the modern Heating plus A/C system. With cleaner air, perfect temperatures, plus all of the other features, they are sure to be a locale where people want to hang out. The virtual reality room will always be a giant draw, especially to gamers in town. As for the movie rooms, they still have the velvet seats plus great old features of a theater from years gone by plus that is a great draw for the older crowds too.


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