New renter gets modern ductless HVAC

I guess it was about a decade ago that I got into the rental property game.

When our dad died, he left me enough currency for me to really make some investments.

But I wasn’t keen on risking our currency as much as I was willing to grow it with some effort of our own. So instead of sinking it into the stock market in addition to dripping with sweat it out in the air conditioner every time something happened, I invested differently. I decided to buy some depressed, smaller properties in addition to renovate them. However, I wasn’t interested in flipping houses. I wanted to rent them out once they were fixed up. Most of the homes that I bought were in more than 2 states of disrepair. Fortunately, I was able to do much of the renovation labor myself. There was 1 lake house where the two of us lucked out in addition to got a working HVAC unit. It still had a lot of life in it so I decided to let it run in addition to get it respected HVAC service. That plan lasted almost 10 years until the HVAC unit started showing the signs it was on the way out. This also coincided with the long time renter moving on. So I decided to update the HVAC equipment before I signed up another renter. But the two of us found out hastily that the air duct was also shot. That was why I opted to go with a ductless multi split system. It’s been great in addition to delivers great heating in addition to cooling comfort. The renter likes it so much that I think from here on out, I’ll be replacing seasoned HVAC units with ductless heat pumps for sure.


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