New Words for the post-COVID world

All of us have all been dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from re-reading the Greek alphabet with all of the emerging variants, there are new words to learn as the two of us adjust to our “new normal”.

Social distance was once a term used with groups love the Hatfield and McCoy clans. They practiced social distance to avoid being riddled with shotgun pellets. Now it is used for individuals to stay separated from each other. The term “flattening the curve” once referred to the effect of a ladies’ foundation garment. Now it refers to a graphical representation of spreading the number of COVID cases out over a longer period of time. COVID causes respiratory distress. This is connected in multiple ways to a home’s Heating and A/C plan that brings more respiratory comfort to folks with dust sensitivities and other breathing concerns. Other new terms brought on by the pandemic have a cross-over into Heating and A/C. Changing the filters officially is the same as a mask protocol. They don’t stop the tiny virus but face masks and Heating and A/C filters both help clear the air that the two of us breathe of dust and particulates. The phrase “essential business” was rarely used before the pandemic. With Heating and A/C, it is essential for a company to have your gas furnace and air conditioning cleaned and tested on an official schedule by a qualified Heating and A/C worker. My favorite term that has come into more respected use is “efficacy” defined as the ability to produce a desired or intended result. The phrase is normally used to describe a COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness against the virus. Also, it can also be used with Heating and A/C. If you take care of the essential company described earlier, the overall efficacy of your Heating and A/C plan will be high. If not, it could drop to zero and will make your “shelter-in-place” experience quite unpleasant.

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