No A/C in a Cool Climate

Many people are drawn to certain areas of the United States because of the wonderful climate year long.

These cities are growing rapidly and if you ever visit you would understand why. The hottest days of the year require turning on a fan and opening a window. Most homes do not even need to turn on their HVAC system throughout the year. I have family members who live in this type of climate and each time I visit, I understand why they have never moved away! When my family comes to visit us, they are constantly complaining about the heat. We have to keep our air conditioning running at all times when they visit. My family is familiar with the heat in our climate, so we don’t really think about how uncomfortable others can be while visiting if they are not used to it. For example, the last time my family visited us we took them to a restaurant we love. Usually, we sit outside with no complaints. When we suggested that we grab a table outside, my aunt and cousins were shocked! They wanted to sit in the air conditioned restaurant. I can understand wanting to be indoors when it is very hot. The air conditioning is very inviting in our climate. Everytime we visit our family, we make fun of them for not being able to take the heat of the South. It is very nice to be comfortable in your own home without having to worry about your air conditioning system breaking.



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