No grand home theater is complete without comfortable leather furniture

My best friend’s parents are rich.

They own a massive mansion on the water along the gulf coast.

When I met him in the first few weeks of our freshman year of college, I had no clue what to expect when he invited me to his parent’s house. It was during a short break in the middle of our fall semester, and I’ll never forget my reaction when he pulled into the driveway. I was astonished that it was his actual house, because at first I thought he was pulling into the driveway to turn around. It wasn’t until he turned off the car and got out that reality finally hit me. His parents were nice and gave me a grand tour of the entire property. It was massive, and the complex was a lot larger than I expected from the outside. There was a huge pool and hot tub in the courtyard that is in the middle of the buildings that make up the entire property. I was told that there were 12 bedrooms and five bathrooms throughout the mansion, along with a small bowling alley, and indoor gun range, and a grand home theater room. Inside is a massive movie theater sized screen and a projector behind the leather chairs. The leather furniture inside was unbelievably comfy and plush to the touch. It was the most elegant and comfortable leather furniture that I Have ever had the pleasure of lounging in. I think it was Italian leather chairs and couches, but I can’t be sure. My friend’s parents eventually sold the mansion and the entire property along with it. I never saw that elegant leather furniture again.


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