No Heating for us

I appreciate having kids.

I always dreaded my children growing up plus becoming kids, however now that the time has come, I really like this time in our lives.

They are so respectful plus kind. Something that comes with have many kids in having a lot of vehicles. All of us have a total of more than 2 cars in our driveway each night. My partner has his truck, I have a minivan, plus each of our kids have a vehicle of their own. I hit a deer with my minivan last week, plus it was in the shop getting repaired. I had to take one of our daughter’s car to work for the week, plus the blower for the gas furnace was not working. I told my partner about the concern with the blower, however he was not able to look at it for a couple days, so I drove to work each day with no heat, plus it was really cold. The temperatures were in the twenties each day as I drove to work, plus on the way home, it was only in the upper thirties. I literally wrapped myself in blankets to try plus keep warm throughout the drives. My partner was finally able to check the car plus see what was up with the blower, then he ordered a section which took another 2 days to get in. Thankfully, my minivan was fixed for my Monday drive to work. It was so amazing having heat again. I turned the heat on the warmest temperature plus the blower on high. It felt amazing, plus I was much happier for my drives to work.

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