No one should win their kid

When my brother and I were in high school, our parents decided to separate.

They were fighting for a long time before they made the choice to do this. My brother and I still remember lots of days when they would argue and yell until the early hours of the morning. My brother and I missed a lot of days of school. We never slept well due to our parents being up too late. My brother and I were distraught when they got a divorce, but our life got much easier. One of the worst parts that I remember from the divorce was having to choose where to live though. The divorce lawyer sat us down in a small, cold office room. The table was made of metal and the chairs seemed large and stiff. My brother and I were upset by this, and the divorce lawyer certainly didn’t make us feel much better. My brother wanted to live with my father, despite the fact that I wanted to live with my mother. After months and months of litigation, the divorce lawyer set us down in a room and told us that our father won us. I remember those words exactly that the divorce lawyer said. They still ring in my head to this day. I am sure my father never felt that way, but the lawyer could have chosen better words to speak to high school aged kids. My brother and I are much older now and every one of us have a great relationship with both of our parents.

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