No power no air conditioning system

I had no power and no water when I woke up this week.

Lack of power is one thing, but when you also lack access to water, things can get more complicated.

It doesn’t help that my mobile phone’s hotspot is broken, which is unfortunate. But since there’s no need to overreact, I will continue working offline until the idiots who are outside working in the street figure out what went wrong. I neglected to charge my iPad last night, so I only have about an hour left on the battery; after that, my Heating & A/C system writing will no longer be possible. I guess I’ll have to write on my iPad, which is much slower to use because it lacks a standard keyboard. My associate and I now have to wait for the local supplier to come out and repair it if they can’t because the local company is working on something and they managed to cut off all of our power and water somehow. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that the biweekly plan mysteriously expired at midnight last night, what timing eh?, I have no idea why my phone’s data isn’t working. In a situation like this, you need to learn to relax and know that everything will pass, as the HEPA filter saleswoman would advise me. So until they restore the power, which hopefully won’t take more than a week or two, that is what I will do. Fortunately, it isn’t the height of Summer and it isn’t extremely hot outside, or else our air conditioner wouldn’t be functioning properly. However, my partner and I don’t need any temperature control right now.

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