Nobody likes lawyers except when they need one

I come from a long line of lawyers and personal injury attorneys.

My grandfather started a law firm when he was 35 years old.

My dad joined the law firm as soon as he finished school and I joined the firm as well. My sister and my brother are also lawyers and all of us work together. it can be difficult to be a lawyer sometimes. When I go to bars at night, sometimes I tell people that I am a banker. Women have a better time talking to a banker than being with a lawyer for some strange reason. The only time I find that my job is interesting to others is if they need a lawyer. I tend to answer a lot of free legal questions. Last weekend, I went to the club for ladies night. I was hoping to find a nice girl, l but I ran into one of my exes. She was stalking me from the other side of the bar. She was in some legal trouble and wanted advice. I listened to her for an hour, before I finally excused myself from the bar and the conversation. She needed more than a lawyer. I dated the girl during my junior year of college. She was a little crazy and dangerous, but we had a ton of fun. Unfortunately, she continued down a dangerous path that got her into trouble with the law. She also had a terrible gambling problem. I recommended a criminal lawyer in the city, hopped into a cab and left the club. Maybe it’s time to try online dating.

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