Not a big fan of waiting for long periods of time

I’ve never been a huge fan of waiting for long periods of time.

When the HVAC company told me when to expect the HVAC professional, they gave me a time-frame of a few hours.

I wasn’t really sure when the HVAC worker was going to arrive and so of course I had to call off from work. I didn’t know how long the HVAC repairs would take or anything. I waited and waited. I talked on the phone with family and friends and I played some online spades. I was just doing everything to kill the time, but I was becoming more aggravated as I was getting into the afternoon and the HVAC technician still had not arrived. Finally, later in the afternoon I got a call and it was the HVAC technician. He apologized for being so late and explained that he had an emergency situation at his last appointment which caused it to run much longer than he anticipated. I told him it was okay and I hoped we wouldn’t have trouble with my appointment. He showed up promptly after that which I was thankful for. He was a really nice guy and it was hard for me to even be mad about him being so late. He did excellent work on the HVAC system. It was an issue that I thought would take longer to have fixed, but he was able to get everything going again smoothly in the course of a few hours. I even tried to give him a tip, but he politely refused. He said that he could not accept it especially since he was so late, even though that wasn’t his fault.


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