Not a typical christmas

Every time the holiday season rolls around, I can’t help but feel so much joy and excitement.

People are always in a better mood, I get to spend time with family, and we get to partake in our family traditions.

Last year however, our holiday traditions were more of a let down than anything else. The warm weather ended up sticking around the entire holiday season, even up until christmas. The warm weather had melted off even the smallest amounts of snow that had been lingering around, and this put the little ones who loved to go sledding during the holidays in a very grumpy mood. I can’t blame them, because it made me grumpy as well! Instead of having our family tradition of sitting around the fireplace and playing cards, we were just sitting around in the only room with the air conditioning. Having only one room with air conditioning while having nearly a dozen family members staying in the same house was a real problem. We ended up setting an appointment to install a much larger a/c unit into the main living area just so people were able to cool off and not feel so miserable. It ended up costing a large sum of money to hire the services of an HVAC repair tech during the holidays, which put the adults in a bad mood right along with the little ones. Instead of being sad that the holidays were over at the end of the weak, I was feeling relieved. All we can do is hope that next year the warm weather won’t be around to ruin the holidays next year.


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