Not able to turn on the boiler

I live in a city loft downtown with my boyfriend Archie.

Archie and I bought the site a few years back.

We liked the city area and the modern style of the house. However, when every one of us moved in every one of us found out that the city condo was missing any sort of central air conditioning system. Archie and I were super surprised at this too, of course. Most older houses similar to ours don’t have any kind of central air conditioning system. AC is 1 of those things that you usually have to add to an older home. My boyfriend Archie and I knew that any changes to our Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system plan was going to cost us a large deal of dough. So the two of us waited to install the air conditioning system. After all, I know that air conditioning system is a new luxury that you can certainly live without if need be. Not having air conditioning system is kind of a problem when the Summer rapidly adjusting temperatures start heating up. The air conditioning system also controls the humidity and stops mold growth. Our problem was the heating system though! This older site had a boiler plan as the only source of heating. Throughout our 1st winter in the house, Archie and I had all kinds of trouble with the boiler system. I did not realize how to turn on a boiler unit. Every other site I lived in had been equipped with a gas furnace or an oil burning heater. The temperature in the house was entirely uneven. Poor Archie could not understand why the heating wasn’t laboring.

a/c set up