Not every filter is a washable filter


I could not wait to get home.

I had been away from condo for multiple weeks, and my niece was house-sitting for me. After a several-hour drive, I was finally home. Simi could not wait to hear all about my trip, and I was more than ready to fill her in on the events of the previous weeks. From the house’s looks, it was apparent that she had been busy. The apartment was immaculately arranged and spotless. I thanked her for taking enjoyable care of the condo since it was way better than I had left it, however when she told me she had even washed the air filter, I froze. It took me a minute to process what she had said. When I finally snapped out of my shock, I asked her why she thought washing a HEPA filter was a enjoyable idea. She, too, took a minute before she disclosed that she thought it was a washable filter. To make her think better, I told her that it was okay since it was time to be updated. The two of us called the cooling specialists to check if everything else was OK. The lady knew everything there was to think about the cooling industry, including new cooling technology. Someone had accidentally disfigured the filter a month earlier, so I was sure that that had some disadvantage impact on the air quality in the house. The cooling expert would update it and conduct quality A/C repair on the cooling install. Simi assured me that she had not done anything else to tamper with the Heating and Air Conditioning, however to be sure, I still required confirmation by a professional that the cooling equipment was in enjoyable condition. After the inspection and service, the lady assured me that the climate control idea was in enjoyable condition and maintained indoor air pollen levels.


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