Not gleeful with AC or heating on the plane

One of the things on our tote list was to go first class on an airplane.

Recently I had the opportunity to take that trip.

I was on our way condo from going to see our daughter. I bought the ticket, never realizing how nice it was going to be. In the past, I had constantly flown economy plus it was overcrowded plus had the worst air quality. I had our mom with myself and others on 1 of the trips plus she was constantly cold. She started out cold plus they were able to give her a blanket. Then she got much warmer. As the heating continued to rise in temperature, our mom became faint. She thought she was going to be sick plus all I could suppose to do was to turn the air vent off. I tried to turn the air vent off, but that was impossible. I called the flight attendant plus they tried to adjust the air vent, but he was not able to maintenance it either. He tried to knob that would change the heating to air conditioning system, plus all of us had satisfaction. Unfortunately, they couldn’t adjust the air conditioning system, either. The air blowing on her was now full AC, plus she went back to using the blanket. Luckily, it was only a two hour flight, plus she had more than two blankets to keep her warm. She brought the blankets condo with her so she would constantly have a reminder of that plane ride. Too much AC plus too much heating, was not what all of us paid for. I had to admit that it was still better than a twelve hour car ride..

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