Not good that my grandpa had horrible ventilation

For my summer time holiday in between years at school, I spent a week with my Grandmother.

She lives in a retirement community way down south, so I thought it would be a superb way to catch up with her, while hitting the beaches at the same time. I seriously have to tell you, she was quite a surprise, much more chill as well as laid back then I remember her actually being. She lives in a bungalow along a quiet street, amidst a great deal of other identical bungalows… The beach is a five minute walk approximately, but mostly she hangs out inside, smoking reefer as well as blasting the a/c device. I warned her about the ventilation concerns she could be facing because the location is relatively small as well as she keeps it sealed up especially tight. The whole reason her healthcare worker suggested she transfer here was to take complete advantage of the humid, salty air although she preferred the air conditioning device to fresh air. When she went out of the place I would turn off the Heating plus A/C device as well as throw open all the doors as well as windows, as well as within minutes the location smelled fresher as well as cleaner. With no superb ventilation that stale pilot smoke smell was easily piling up everywhere, as well as I thought it was entirely repulsive. I changed out her air filter for her, as well as bought her a few extra. Most people need to change the air filter once per month, maybe more than that. But she was blasting through so much weed every day she could easily stand to change out the air filter every other week. The outdated woman is completely crazy, I tell you.

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