Not happy with winter or summer

A part of me is really upset that winter is finally over.

A bigger part of me is really glad that winter is finally over.

My skin is itchy and flaky and I am ready to take off the heavy clothing and let my skin breathe. I know that a lot of the itchiness is because my skin is super dry. We have a humidifier to keep moisture in the air, but the humidifier just doesn’t do the job. I know that come summer, I will be complaining about the humidity. We’ll have the dehumidifier to dry the air out, but we still have about three months until it gets that bad. By the time July comes around, we will have the air conditioning running full-time, and the dehumidifier will be working right alongside it. I always thought winter was the best season. I could add more clothing to stay warm but I could never take off enough clothing to stay cool. Now that I am older, I can’t even put enough clothing on to stay warm. My house is seventy, but I am wearing a jacket. I could probably turn up the thermostat, but then my energy bills would be through the roof. I continue to wear the jacket, even though it contributes to the dryness of my skin. I sit in the house, scratching my arms, and feeling like I had bugs crawling on my skin. If I could find somewhere that it was always spring or fall, I would probably move there. If anyone knows of this type of place, please let me know.

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