Not paying attention at all

Periodically I will get so tied up that I do not pay attention to things.

This goes double for setting my thermostat manually.

This is why I opted to replace it plus buy myself a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat I would be able to program the thing to come on plus off at certain times, plus let it know to go on the central heating or the central air conditioning. One time with my regular thermostat it got freezing inside the house because I simply forgot to turn on the central gas furnace. After that incident occurred that was my cue to go plus get a smart thermostat. I did not want that to happen again. I ended up catching a small chilly because of that one night I forgot to shut off the thermostat to the central heating selection. I didn’t turn it on at all plus I was sick with this chilly illness I got for almost 2 weeks. Ever since I got the smart thermostat though, things have changed a lot for me. My electric bills are even lower than they ever have been in my whole entire life! That was an added bonus I was not expecting. I was just going for the smart thermostat to have convenient operations of the thermostat plus my central heating plus A/C unit. Never would I have imagined that energy savings would come from this bold transport on my part. So this was an extra bonus plus I have to say that I was genuinely happy with the overall outcome of the smart thermostat!
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