Not sure I like our cooling equipment

Back when I was in young, it was fair to assume that I wasn’t absolutely good with money. I am known by everyone to be a wild and also make errors that are very costly. When I first moved out  I was living on campus and I wasn’t reckless with money because our room was cared for by the university. Then when I moved off campus into an cabin with a friend, things got real bad real quick. The first month month was a tepid and agitated summer season, so my friend and I didn’t think anything of turning on the AC unit. We knew it would be totally fine all day to have the a/c unit on full power. At that time the two of us did not believe that our unit was low quality, and thought an a/c unit was just an a/c unit. Then all of a sudden we got our monthly electric bill for our heating and cooling usage.  We had just had the AC unit on full fan all day and night. When we saw the bill for that month in the mail, we were sick to our stomachs to see what it was! Not only was it the most insane bill we had ever received, but it was two times our rent! Because that the bill was so hefty, we couldn’t get any money together to go look for a better a/c unit from the HVAC technician. Even with our combined effort, we couldn’t afford to keep the unit cooling us, so for the rest of the while we did our very best to find money and we made up our minds to go without the a/c. We did have some ceiling fans. Thinking about the past now, it was unbelievable to go through these lessons when I was fresh out of college as a kid, it still makes me sad just thinking on those few months.

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