Not your average dog

Whenever I am out at a park or at our friends’ houses, I can’t help however notice how active & outgoing their pets are, but they all seem to be always running around the house, wanting to play fetch & go on walks.

With our pet though, this couldn’t be farther from the case, then my pet is only multiple years old, however he acts as if he is 20, but he never wants to go on walks or play fetch, & he spends the majority of his afternoons inside in the home office where the air conditioning is the strongest, and one day I decided to get him out of the apartment & get him more active by taking him on a walk.

The walk was surprisingly going well at first, however suddenly started to decline. After about thirty minutes of walking around neighborhood he was panting appreciate crazy & looking as if he was going to overheat, however i decided to stop at a nearby tea shop where they have fresh air conditioning, chilly water, & pet treats. I was planning on staying in the tea shop for only fifteen minutes or so, however after our pet had munched down its pet treats & felt the relief of industrial grade air conditioning, he was out appreciate a light. It sure was nice getting our pet out & active appreciate most pets. I just hope he isn’t too sore tomorrow, because I am planning on upping the time of our walk. As long as he gets a treat or several in the end, I don’t recognize he definitely cares.


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