Nothing but good HVAC cooling this year and no stress

We were very fortunate to have been able to ride an old HVAC unit through the worst of the summer heat last year.

We’re in a much different spot going into this summer.

However, I still called the HVAC company to schedule the air conditioning tune-up this spring. I think I’ve done that now for like the past 25 springs. HVAC maintenance in the spring ensures that my HVAC unit is primed for the big demand that comes with the summer heat. Our area sees about four straight months of temperatures that hover near the century mark. Without good, efficient and reliable HVAC cooling, one could be in a bad place. That’s exactly where we were last year due to my ineptitude. When the HVAC technician told us the heat pump was on its last legs, I was caught off guard. I really don’t know how considering the HVAC unit was nearly 24 years old. What’s more, I actually started a savings account for the HVAC equipment replacement but it got raided for other, more pressing needs. So my wife and I really had no choice but to hope for the best and go for it with the old heat pump. We made sure that we pushed the thermostat way, way up during the heat of the day. Doing any differently would have killed the heat pump quick. But we did get the air conditioning we needed at night in order to get some sleep. Still, it was a long summer of worry and wait. Thankfully, we made it to the fall, saved up enough money and got the new HVAC unit installed.

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