Nothing freshens the air like fresh air filters!

For the past year now, one of my parents ends up on an anti-pollution kick.

They appreciate getting tied up in knots about random political and Global problems, and then stress themselves out about how they cannot make any real changes in the world! They always start at the top too, and before long the most substantial problems in humanity are what they zero in on. The new obsession is global warming, along with the air quality in most major cities. They currently live out in the country, where there is tons of fresh, flowing air from all directions! They actually don’t need to worry about a ton of Airborne pollution at their beach house or the effects of smog on their lungs. But it’s all that they talk about! They’re so wound up about air quality that they even started messing around with their own Heating and Air Conditioning plan! Whatever it takes to improve their indoor air, they’re doing it! These days, my folks are always watching these whacky videos on YouTube, all about improving your heating and cooling power while also improving your indoor air quality. They’ve worked up all sorts of makeshift cleaning tools, and supposed air quality detectors! I have been so tired of hearing about their obsession with air quality and improving the central heating and cooling plan. For that reason, I got them a ton of air filters for their anniversary this year. Hopefully that will cement it into their heads that all they ever tell us about is this stupid air quality!



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