Nothing like reading my books in front of my cozy fireplace

One of the greatest feelings in the world to me is getting lost in a good book.

I have a nice fireplace that I love to get going when I read my books.

I have a very comfortable chair as well. I don’t let anybody watch TV or play games in my room with the fireplace because I prefer nothing but peace and quiet when I am reading. It feels great being able to escape from the worries of life for awhile and I can be gone for hours when reading my books. The fireplace always keeps me nice and comfortable and the crackling of the flames and the wood are very relaxing. Sometimes on the days when it is too warm to use the fireplace, I will actually turn on the cooling system a little bit just so that I can still enjoy using my fireplace! I know that seems absolutely ridiculous, but I really do enjoy my fireplace that much. I have even had my kids ask me questions like why would I waste the A/C when I am using the fireplace at the same time. They think it’s basically the same as using a gas furnace and air conditioning at the same time which doesn’t make any sense to them. While it might be very similar to that, to me it’s not the same. To me it allows me to enjoy the comforting feeling of the fireplace which I don’t necessarily get from the gas furnace. Perhaps one day when they get older and they have a nice fireplace of their own, they will do the same thing that I do.

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