Now’s the time to be safe with an air purifier

A bunch of my friends plus family think it is silly to buy a whole-condo air purifier right now.

I understand the prices are higher than before plus maybe I worry too much, however, I’m upset over the safety of my family plus a whole-condo air purifier is best right now. I already called the company that specializes in ventilation equipment plus air filtration, because they advertise in the newspaper plus they have several star reviews on every website that I pull up. They are sending a contractor to the condo on Sunday so they can provide me with an estimate on the cost of labor plus replacement fees. I did my own research online plus I knew the average cost to have the work completed. I checked out single room whole-condo air purifiers plus air filtration units for the entire condo. I also considered a few contractors in the section to get additional estimates. I will accept someone coming to the condo plus then I can call all of the other contractors plus ask for their prices for the same task. It is always a great idea to get multiple estimates when you want any work done in your condo, and my dad plus my siblings are convinced that all of the sick people are making it up plus this virus is a political conspiracy. I think that science doesn’t lie plus that upsets my family. I hope everybody is washing their hands, wearing their masks, plus being safe. Right now is the best time to stay away from bars, restaurants, plus other locale places where multiple people gather.

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