Nuke Your Way Through Summer

Several years ago, I used to write for a magazine published by Gannett, and it was called Your Health.

It came as part of the local newspaper and was delivered to houses in certain ZIP codes. You could also find it in doctors’ offices, gyms, and the like. My favorite article that I ever wrote was entitled Nuke Your Way Through Summer. The idea behind that article was to give people ways to eat well but not work their a/c to death. Many people in our area find that their central air conditioning has difficulty keeping up with the demands we put on it. We all set our thermostats somewhere in the 70s, and the outdoor thermostat reads in the 90s. When you attempt to cook on top of that, sometimes your a/c just never shuts off. If you have an a/c that never disengages, you are more likely to need a/c repairs. In addition, you are more likely to have to replace your air conditioner sooner. It just gets so hot here! Imagine the poor little guy running around inside the a/c motor to keep that thing running! He must be ready to pass out! Anyway, if there is one thing all we southerners need to rely on, it is our a/c. It always needs to work, and a/c repairs can be costly. It is certainly a major investment to replace the HVAC unit, so whatever we can do to extend the life of our a/c is a good thing. Try to learn new microwave cooking recipes and nuke your way through summer!
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