Odor-eating filters for my son’s room

When I first got pregnant I remember all of the advice that people started giving me.

Everyone had an opinion on the best way to complete my difficult pregnancy and start raising Rugrats of my own.

To be fair, I had no idea what I was doing and I really appreciated all of the Insight. However, a lot of people overstepped my boundaries and started giving me unsolicited help that did not really serve me any good. In all of those conversations, I don’t remember a single person mentioning something that would eventually come back to bite me in the butt with my children… indoor air quality. Not a single relative told me that our central heating and cooling equipment was about to take a massive beating. We were going to consistently be changing the indoor air temperature control settings as we attempted to make everybody happy with their diverse air temperature preferences. We were also going to have extremely high energy bills that necessitated additional part time jobs to afford the utilities. Be on to that, I guarantee that nobody mentioned how much my teenage son was going to stink up our indoor air. Once he hit the age of 13, my son began smelling terribly. Every time I walk past his room I have to hold my breath to avoid the horrific air quality contained inside. Eventually, I got tired of fearing the odors emanating from his room. I went to the hardware store and purchased high-quality air filters that include an odor eating substance designed to neutralize smelly bacterial growth. Now, at least one portion of this child-rearing shitshow is corrected.



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