Off to the City Center to Buy Some Drums Strings

I am going to the local business to get some musical items for my gig tomorrow. I need to tune my djembe drum and also buy a mic and mic stand for our performance in the street tomorrow evening. There are going to be four or five of us performing together and I think it is going to be a unique and fun experience. I have some talented musicians and singers coming tomorrow to play and I am going to record all of our sets. We will perform outside a local business which has a portable AC unit to keep us cool. I normally play with my friend Danny but he is away on vacation for a month so I am going to make another band with these people and see how it goes. The keyboardist I met while shopping the other day at the heating and cooling corp. He told me he’s been playing for 15 years and that he’s been singing for even longer. He works on HVAC equipment during the day and plays music at night in the streets for extra money. I am playing more for the enjoyment of it and not so much the money, but getting some extra money is a nice thank you from the people passing by. I think if I make some money playing outside I am going to buy myself a radiant heater for the winter to use in my office while I work so my hands don’t get so cold. Music is great and it has opened so many different doors for me.


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