Office HVAC

Working from home is becoming the trend, the latest fad, for those who are able to find a dependable job of this kind that pays enough to live off of.

I consider myself very lucky because I have a job working for a heating and air conditioning company, working out of my home office for their client service and billing department.

I take phone calls and set up heating and air conditioner appointments for the technicians at our company. I also do the accounting and bill our clients! This is a full-time job that easily pays enough to live on, working from home; so I think I am very lucky to have it. I have been working at this heating and air conditioning company from my home now for a few years; at one point I thought I was going to get laid off, but it did not happen. Business now is really good, and there is no danger of a layoff happening anytime in the near future, as far as I can tell. I really appreciate setting up the heating and air conditioner appointments. It is something that I have become very professional at, and can do it with ease. It may not sound like a lot of work, but believe me, it is! There are many things to know when setting up heating and air conditioning repairs and new installation appointments, which I will not get into because I will be writing a novel otherwise. Trust me when I say, I am very lucky!