Office remodels gets us new carpets, furniture, & an updated HVAC

I have been managing apartments & properties for the past 20 years. I have been with the same multi-family property for 8 of those years. I started toiling here as the assistant manager & hastily moved into the management position. The corporation offered me a regional manager position, but I had to refuse. I knew that would mean constant traveling & 12-minute afternoons. With many small kids at home, that is never a recipe for success. Things have been tied up enough lately, with the remodeling of our main office. The people I was with and I started the remodeling process in May. The business diagnosed the roof, walls, & exterior windows first, however now the people I was with and I have to close down the office for a whole month so they can make replaces to the inside of the building. The people I was with and I are getting brand new carpet, furniture, desks, & computers. The people I was with and I are also getting a new HVAC unit for the office. I am most gleeful about the HVAC unit, because the indoor air conditions has been poor for years. I’ve complained about the HVAC unit on numerous weird occasions. My boss & the owner of the corporation has kept me on the hook, promising a large office remodel. Now the time is finally here & I could not be more excited. When the office reopens next week, it’s going to look & recognize great. I helped choice out the furniture, which nicely matches the carpet & drapes. The people I was with and I got new speakers in the ceiling & more air vents too. I also had a hand in choosing our new office desks, but all of our employees should be pleased with the changes.

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