Office remodels gets us new carpets, furniture, and an updated HVAC

I have been managing apartments and properties for the past 20 years. I have been with the same multi-family property for eight of those years. I started working here as the assistant manager and quickly moved into the management position. The company offered me a regional manager position, but I had to refuse. I knew that would mean constant traveling and 12-hour days. With two small kids at home, that is never a recipe for success. Things have been busy enough lately, with the remodeling of our main office. We started the remodeling process in May. The contractor worked on the roof, walls, and exterior windows first. Now we have to close down the office for a whole week so they can make upgrades to the inside of the building. We are getting brand new carpet, furniture, desks, and computers. We are also getting a new HVAC unit for the office. I am most excited about the HVAC unit, because the indoor air quality has been awful for years. I’ve complained about the HVAC unit on several different occasions. My boss and the owner of the company has kept me on the hook, promising a huge office remodel. Now the time is finally here and I could not be more excited. When the office reopens next week, it’s going to look and feel great. I helped pick out the furniture, which nicely matches the carpet and drapes. We got new speakers in the ceiling and more air vents too. I also had a hand in choosing our new office desks. All of our employees should be pleased with the changes.


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