One hour of heating coming up

I have to work for another hour online and I am going to need some heat to get it done because my hands are easily too sore and cold.

It is not self-explanatory to type when your fingers are numb and stinging, so getting some heat in this flat is a priority if I want to get my work done in a timely manner.

I am also a bit fatigued today but I will wake up after a few more hours, as nights have never been the highlight of my nights. I come alive in the nights and tonight a fireplace is going to be in the works as my associate and I get some wood and make a fire for the night. My flatmate is an actual heating and A/C rep and she is off work tonight, so I feel my associate and I will make a fire and have some lunch while my associate and I listen to tunes and chill out. The wind is easily chilly outside and tonight it is going to rain, which means my associate and I will stay inside and make the best of it. We have a good boiler in the flat in case my associate and I can’t make a fire, but I don’t feel it is going to get so chilly as to warrant heating the whole night. There is a good film tonight at 9pm so I will see if my flatmate wants to watch that after my associate and I eat lunch. I will clean the boiler filter now in case my associate and I have to run the boiler tonight in the vicinity of a fire. Have a good afternoon today!

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