One of the better decisions of our life

For a long while, I had been studying several energy saving tips so I could save as much energy plus money as possible.

I legitimately must say, it’s a attractive thing to study energy saving tips because I have been saving big money.

I mainly wanted to start saving as much energy as possible because I wanted to try to go off the grid with a nice solar panel system. I came to realize that to be able to fully go off the grid, I would need a much more energy efficient Heating as well as A/C system. I looked around for the most energy efficient Heating as well as A/C systems! Apart from the geothermal Heating as well as A/C heat pumps, the next best thing seemed to be the ductless mini split. So I decided to have a ductless mini chop installed in our house plus then both of us got our solar panels. With the combination of all the energy saving tips plus our modern highly energy efficient Heating as well as A/C system, I have been able to run everything with only the coverage of our solar panels. Instead of absolutely removeing myself from the grid, I decided to stay affixed in case I needed emergency power. It was a great thing I did that because now when I save a big amount of energy, I absolutely get paid from our local energy company because I end up putting excess energy back onto the grid! Honestly, more people should consider investing in solar power because it’s a great way to save money on energy use, plus you get paid back! It absolutely was one of the better decisions of our life.

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