One of the huge icicles fell from our gutter and crashed into our A/C unit

One of the huge icicles fell from our gutter the other night and it crashed right into our A/C unit out behind the garage.

This was something that I never even thought about before.

I never had even thought of the possibility happening before! I guess there was always a chance that it might happen, since the air conditioning unit is located behind the garage right underneath the eaves. The gutters sometimes get overly full of water and then during the winter we get lots of long icicles back there. I guess this particular time, the icicle got bigger than we thought it would and then one day, it just broke off and crashed! Unfortunately for us, it ended up crashing into the air conditioning unit and it really did a whole lot of damage. The icicle bent the fan blades on the inside of the air conditioning unit all to pieces. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it. I could not believe how much damage the icicle did. It actually looked like someone took a baseball bat to the A/C unit instead! I guess when the weather starts heating up in the spring, we are going to have to do some serious repair work. Actually, I think that we will probably end up having to replace the whole thing. That’s one thing that we will need to save up some money for during the rest of the winter! I will definitely have the HVAC company install the new A/C unit somewhere else next time!


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