One of them mentioned an interest in the Heating and A/C industry

Sal loves everything about books.

She loathes seeing people throw books away, it makes her so sad.

So whenever Sal sees people giving away books, or libraries throwing out books, she tries to save as many as she can. Just the other week a Barnes and Noble was getting rid of a huge stack of books, and so Sal had to drive by and collect them. There were so many, and it took her a long time to go through them and sort them accordingly. Most of the books were fiction, with some nonfiction books and other types. One of them she observed was a heating and a/c book, going into unusual air conditioner technology. Sal thought that was interesting considering she had never seen a book on air conditioner units before. She put it on her shelf and forgot about it for a while. When she was visiting her brother and her nephews, one of them mentioned an interest in the Heating and A/C industry. That is when Sal remembered the air conditioner book. She couldn’t think of a better gift than that, and so she gave her young nephew the book. Sal knew he was going to give it lots of love, and use it well. Hopefully, this will help inspire him to chase his dreams of becoming a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional, if he chooses to be one. Sal is really glad when she can get books for people that she knows will take care of them. It really makes her feel great.

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