Only gym in town is a core progression

I recently had to move for my job.

I went from a major city to a small country town.

I was used to having multiple places to eat, lots to do and tons of gyms to choose from. I did not own a car and had a small apartment. Now I have a dented minivan, a whole house and nothing to do. I used to have a gym with all the bells and whistles. In this small town the only fitness center available is a core progression. This is a personal training style of fitness center. You can’t get a gym membership and be left alone. How the gym operates is one on one attention. The best you can get is in a group fitness class with a personal trainer. But, no matter what, your workout is determined by them. A lot of people like this style. You work with certified fitness experts and get a health plan. You set goals and take classes to achieve your goals. The personal trainer is focused on your progress and they give you exercises to achieve your goals. I know a lot of people boast it is way better than any other style of gym out there. People are losing more weight doing core progression classes and nutritional counseling than Weight Watchers. I don’t want someone telling me what to do though. I see the benefits, but I like zoning out during my workout. I also like dogging it if I am not in the mood. I might not have a choice due to it being my only choice.


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