Operating costs have been lowered

The most significant part of owning a commercial building is the operating costs.

It seems that I was forever looking for a way to cut down on the expenses and save time and money.

By installing a building automation system, it is much easier to make changes and to manage the everyday costs. I can get notifications that tell me when there are any difficulties with a device or if there are security breaches. I like it when I get the alerts that it is time to schedule maintenance for my heating, air conditioning, or even the hot water system. I even get an alert if the air filters haven’t been changed on time. We have different types of alerts set up in our security system. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a safety breach, but even a problem with our system than can hamper the safety of our employees. If there is a temperature change that is unexplainable, water problems, smoke, carbon monoxide or even opened doors and windows, there are alerts sent out to me and to my building manager. We have a large and complex network of outlets in our building. Even though the equipment that is plugged into those outlets may be shut down, there is still a certain amount of electricity that is used and it builds up quickly. The BAS in the building will shut down all power to those outlets until it is time for the building to open up for operation again. My building automation system has cut down on energy costs by nearly forty percent.
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