Our apartment needed a humidifier due to the genuinely dry air

I am not the best child in the world I must admit; My Dad does a lot of toil around the apartment and I do not help, then i also believe that I am genuinely lazy.

My Dad often yells at me as to how lazy I am.

I do not care too much though. I was watching her take down the Christmas tree; She was also struggling to take it down. I did not bother to help her. I did notice all of the pine needles falling on the floor though, however our cats kept eating them! That could not have been good. The tree was just so incredibly dry. This year it was more dry than it has been in previous years. I believe it was because of our house. The furnace must have actually dried out our house. My asthma has even been acting up quite a bit. I believe it is because of how dry our apartment is. I keep telling my Dad that. I am not sure she believes me. I honestly took the initiative to call an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company about a humidifier. I was not sure if I could last all winter time with this dry air. I thought I honestly was dying. I had them install a humidifier. I even paid for it myself. I had enough money to spend my money for this myself. It would benefit all of us but especially me. The upgrade of the humidifier was fairly easy. I did it while my Dad was at toil so she did not get mad at me.