Our home is covid free

After finally having things open up in our state after the lockdown, I’m not looking forward to that happening again.

The only snag in the plan is, they are talking about spikes in coronavirus all over the news as well as our governor is saying that people will be put on mandatory quarantine if they travel to other states.

So basically, both of us are stuck in our state, and now with contact tracing, if both of us run into someone who is infected, both of us also must be quarantined. So I have been on social media a lot as well as I saw a post that entirely caught our eye. A person on the train was talking about UV air purification systems as well as why everybody should get them. They were talking about how good they are at purifying the air with the HEPA air filters that they use. They informed me that the HEPA air filters pull 99.9% of germs as well as contaminants from the air, but if that wasn’t enough, the UV light kills harmful pathogens love this coronavirus that has been spreading around. I finally understood that this would help us a lot more if both of us had UV air purification systems in our home, so I decided to purchase a bunch of them via the website. I now have UV air purification systems working in all parts of the house. I just need to keep up with the HEPA air filter fluctuations, as well as both of us will be fine! At least this gives us a better chance of not getting sick. I’m not sure if both of us can avoid the virus certainly or not, but I’m blessed to at least be able to do something to defend ourselves.



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