Our HVAC technician was a few hours late

In my day-to-day life, nothing is more important to me than showing up on time.

  • My wife and I constantly have this battle with each other and with our kids.

They are always trying to get ready at the last minute, and most of the time, we are arriving late for everything that we try to go to. Whenever I hire somebody to do some work for me, I also expect them to be punctual. With the most recent HVAC company that they called, they did not live up to my high standards. My air conditioner had malfunctioned, but it wasn’t the worst of circumstances. It was early spring, and it was still chilly enough most days to not have an air conditioner. However, since I knew that the weather would begin to get warmer, I wanted my air conditioner to be repaired. The HVAC worker that I talked to told me that they would be there at 1 PM on Friday. This would work well for me since I was off that entire afternoon. When 1 PM rolled around, I knew that the HVAC worker must come from the same strain of people that my wife did, and I relaxed, expecting them to arrive in about 15 minutes. However, the HVAC repairman didn’t show up. In fact, he called me the next day, asking if my air conditioner still needed to be fixed! I was very angry, but he offered a discount for the air conditioner repair. That day, he was only two hours late, and he fixed my air conditioner quickly, noticing that I was already upset. That will be the last time I ever hire that HVAC company. Why can’t people just be on time?


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