Our new house with radiant heated floors was the talk of the party

There is no greater joy than spending the holidays with the family.

  • This year we were really excited because we had just moved into a new home with a very fancy HVAC system.

We had radiant heated floors, and a nice energy efficient cooling system. We also had a very fancy fireplace and we were using it all through the winter. We couldn’t wait for the family to enjoy the holidays at our place with the radiant heated floors and the cozy fireplace. When we finally all got together, everything was simply marvelous. We got all kinds of compliments on the heating system. Most of my family members were saying that they never felt so cozy in a home before. There were no drafts and everything was heated evenly. The floors were so warm, you could easily go around barefoot if you wanted. Even the kids wanted to lay down on the floor because it was so warm, but we had to get them to refrain from doing that. We all sang Christmas songs and drank hot cocoa around the fireplace in the evening hours. We had a really nice dinner and everybody was mingling and enjoying themselves. My brother was saying that all the Christmas parties should be at our place from now on, but we just laughed and said that wasn’t going to happen. Everybody just needed to get radiant heated floors in their homes! Everyone agreed that would be a nice upgrade to have. You really can’t go wrong with lower energy bills, greater comfort, and little required maintenance.


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