Our new HVAC system made all the difference

I know that it might be oversaid, but it truly does pay to surround yourself with people who are smart.

A few years ago when my partner and I moved into town we made it a priority to make friends with our neighbors for a few different reasons.

For the first time in our adult lives we were living hundreds of miles away from our loved ones, and making friends would make us less homesick. We also noticed that they were involved in some sort of HVAC business, and it never hurts to bump shoulders and learn a thing or two from people more experienced in a certain profession as you are. The friendship that we have been lucky enough to form with our neighbors has blossomed into something pretty fantastic, and they have saved the day for us on more than a few occasions. For example, just the other day while we were having dinner with our neighbors in our dining room they mentioned that the air felt a bit stale. They didn’t mean it as an insult, but due to the fact that they are the owners of one of the biggest ventilation, heating, and air conditioning companies in the state they know a thing or two about air ventilation. We ended up following their advice, and sure enough, our air filters were long overdue for a change. It pained us to think about all of the dirt and pollen that was not being removed from the air in our home, and we were quick to make an appointment to have the filters changed.


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