Our new pets are causing problems

My wife and I became the proud owners of two labrador retrievers last month, and to be one hundred percent honest with you we are already in love with them.

Our days are filled with so much more joy with these two dogs being around us, and it is already hard to imagine life before them.

Despite how happy we have been with the new additions to our family, there have been some unexpected surprises. During the first week or two of having the dogs in the home, my wife and I started to notice that the air quality in the home was going from bad to worse. Both of our allergies were acting up, and we had no idea where in the world this was coming from, as we had just purchased a new HVAC unit last year. After doing some investigation and reading some articles online however, we ended up finding the problem. We had a problem with our air filters! Our air filters already take a massive beating in our HVAC unit due to how active we are and all of the dirt and pollen we drag in, but with the addition of our dogs and the massive amount of fur they shed off each day the filter wasn’t able to do its job very well. Now that we realize how often we need to change the air filters we are able to keep our home feeling perfectly fine. I don’t think that our dogs, or our allergies, could be any happier about figuring out how to handle the fur and air quality problem.

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