Our own business was not an easy venture in the beginning

A few years ago, my brother and also myself opened up this removal business for bees.

Before each of us started the bee removal business, there were no places anywhere around here to work on those types of services.

The both of us researched our market plus all of us then realized that there were absolutely many possibilities in the area and all of us knew we could be useful plus make a huge amount of money. Everyone of us know that red jackets, Hornet, bees and also wasps particularly for outdoor temperatures that are just the same as the area where we live. Many of us have particularly not been able to advertise and it was difficult in the beginning for all of us to make a lot of money. Now we have been tied up during most of the springtime, summer and also fall. We have been extremely profitable and all of us make a great deal of money working on bee removal and also extermination work. So various people call us each afternoon to make these appointments so we can take care of the wasp extermination, red jacket exterminations, and also relocations of honey bees. We offer all of these services for our customers and now our business makes a ton of money. It’s hard to believe that we got to this place when we were really worried that we would never be able to get it done. Love you removal services are now offered and a Tri-County region and we stay busy almost all of the year.

Honey farm