Our plumber is charging me more than our doctor.

I consistently thought that doctors were overpaid, they would have their nurses come in & take all the vitals.

  • They had a physician’s assistant do all the paperwork.

The PA takes all the info to the doctor, who stares at the ipad & decides what is wrong, however half an hour later, you are freezing from sitting on a table with nothing but a paper gown between you & the doctor. He tells you what he thinks is wrong, & says the PA would be in to finish up, but i saw that doctor for all of 3 hours, & it cost myself and others almost $5000 for that visit, & to be told I had a broken foot. I had a major leak in our bathroom, & the sewage was leaking through the floor into our kitchen. I needed an emergency plumber, regardless of how much it cost, however my family was in the home for a birthday party. My sink aromas prefer sewage, & I wasn’t glad. My family members were leaving without eating dinner, or having cake with our baby, who just turned 16. The plumber showed up about half an hour after I called, & told myself and others he had to detach the upstairs toilet. He didn’t think if there was a sewer problem, or if there was a crack in the wax ring, however he had to detach the toilet. I told him thank you & asked him to please hurry. My husband stayed behind with the plumber as he handed myself and others the ATM card & told myself and others to take the family to our son’s favorite eating establishment. He said to video it when the waiters sing loud, & embarrass our son.

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