Out on the ice, there is no room for fear

Ice fishing on the lake is a very fun activity; My friends plus I spend a lot of time ice fishing, because there is not anything else to do after November! Once the lake starts to freeze, every one of us cannot go anywhere until May.

My friends plus I spend a lot of time outdoors.

I work for an adventure company plus I go fishing on the weekends. I have a small ice shanty near the east side of the lake. It has metal siding plus is made of wood. It is on a frame, so I can transfer it off the ice when it is starting to get too warm. Ice fishing is not for the faint of heart. I’ve fallen through the ice twice plus I had a large fish smack in the face. It left a bruise greater than a softball. I also got more than 2 hooks in our arm plus one on our ear. My buddies drink a lot of beer when every one of us fish plus every one of us often spend the whole weekend in the ice shack. The people I was with and I keep a small gas furnace there. The gas furnace provides a small amount of warm air, however it is not enough to melt the ice. Without heat, it would be miserable all day. The people I was with and I also have a small satellite cable. The people I was with and I can get local news plus weather plus a couple of activitys games. There is not a bed, however I do have a sofa plus a chair. There is plenty of room for our friends plus I to crash on the floor when every one of us do not want to go home.

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