Overheated workout area on vacation

When I took a vacation, I chose a hotel that I was sure had a gym.

The photos online showed a treadmill, free weights and plenty of space to workout.

It seemed really nice and clean, so I went ahead and booked it. Well, the hotel actually featured a health club rather than a fitness center. The site included saunas, steam baths and hot tubs. I was able to store my things in a locker and enjoy a nice shower right inside the health club. Everything was centered around relaxation and peaceful state of mind. Plus, the area was definitely set at 90 degrees. The gym was like a little closet with a few pieces of fitness gear. The gym also was directly connected to the sauna. The one treadmill and free weights were stuffed into a small room that was terribly overheated and damp. Working out during the trip was especially difficult. I would take towels from the spa area and use them to wipe up my sweat while I worked out in the gym. I would strip down to my underwear and I drank tons of water. It felt like I was doing a hot yoga class but only more intense. I ran on the treadmill, jumped rope, lifted weights and stretched, it was a challenge to get motivated. The only benefit was that my muscles felt super loose. I took the time to really stretch and I felt wonderful after my workout. I was convinced that I was sweating out all the toxins and felt genuinely refreshed after my shower. I only ended up using the worst area of the spa. I never used the hot tub, took advantage of a massage or sat in a steam bath. I just worked out in a super hot, humid gym.


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