Owning a window a/c unit

I was always sick and tired of being boiling in my family room.

I decided to ask my parents if they would get myself and others my own window unit, so that I could keep cool in my room.

My father was telling me that if I got fantastic grades on my report card, then she would get myself and others a nice window air conditioning unit. I was really motivated, so I paid extra attention to my professors and worked super hard on all my homework, but some nights I was totally tired with the reading I was doing, but I knew it would be worth it when I would get that new cooling device in my room. I was a little worried when the report cards finally were mailed out plus my parents got mine in the mail, and when my father opened up the report card, she supplied myself and others with a really poor look and shook her head, and she then gave the report card to my father for him to give it a solid look. She got really enthusiastic plus was smiling, plus I was just confused. My father went on and gave a hint of a smile plus then told myself and others I did great! I definitely got all A’s except for the one B in science. She then took myself and others out to the store to look at strange window machines. She said that it would have to be an energy efficient model, because she didn’t want the energy bills to bump up too far. So both of us found this entirely nice energy efficient device that had a convenient remote control. I was off the wall excited when I finally began using it!