Parent’s AC equipment is terrible or not turned on when I’m there

Every other weekend I go and visit my parents.

They live a little over an hour south of me and have a nice guest room.

I spend a weekend swimming in the lake, tanning and hanging out with the two of them. Everything is great except for the cooling situation though. You would think being an hour south would not make that much of a difference. It actually is much hotter there. The sun seems more brutal and there is hardly any rain. My parents don’t have their AC way colder than what I set mine to. My dad gets cold a lot too. So he will frequently turn off the air conditioning and I will sweat to death. The worst is at night though. I don’t feel like I can turn on the AC and mess with their central thermostat. So if my father decides to not put on the cooling, I don’t get any until the next morning. I sweat all night long in the guest bed. If the AC is on, it is not like it is an amazing cooling system. They definitely cheaped out when buying central AC. I think it is too big for the house. It turns off and on multiple times in the night. It makes a horrible grinding sound when cooling and I hardly feel any of the cold air. So I go from being sort of the right temperature to then sweating to death again. I love my parents, but staying with them gets rough when it is hot. They should visit me in the summer.

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