Party time air cooling

When I first went to university, all I could actually think about was the freedom to run in addition to  not having my parents getting on my case. I didn’t realize the house mother in our dorm, was going to be a lot worse than my parents.  The people I was with and I couldn’t even adjust a temperature control unit without her telling us that it was her work to regulate the air conditioner machine.  The people I was with and I were in a rather dusty old dorm where the air conditioner hardly worked. She kept telling us every one of us were here to learn in addition to not to have fun times, so every one of us had to study constantly.  I don’t remember anyone in our space of the dorm, that had any fun in the slightest. There were a couple of brave youngsters who would sneak out to see their guys, however somehow, she would always find out about what they were doing. I’m not sure who ratted them out, however someone easily did.  One weekend, the party came to us. Mrs. Thompson, the dorm mother, had gone away for the night. She told us that there was someone else on the way, to watch over us. Unfortunate for Mrs. Thompson, however fortunate for us, the person never showed up. The people I was with and I believed it was going to be a deranged night.  The people I was with and I had the air conditioner machine high in addition to the music was blaring. The people I was with and I were in the common area with our pals, just laughing, dancing in addition to having a jolly time. When Mrs. Thompson came back to our place, I saw her smile as she tried to go through unseen. The people I was with and I didn’t have any boys there, however every one of us were having such a lovely time.  The AC machine was blasting when she went through, but she never changed the temperature control unit settings at all. I guess she did this on purpose so every one of us could have a small break, in addition to I wanted to thank her.

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