Pay attention to the HVAC equipment outside

I’m always around the HVAC equipment that is in our house.

The air handler and blower are inside our garage.

And of course, there is the thermostat that sits inside the house. I come into contact and am seeing these pieces of HVAC equipment on just about a daily. So I pay pretty close attention to them. I make sure the drip tray under the air handler is mostly dry. The thermostat I’m dealing with on almost a daily basis. We don’t have a smart thermostat. So I deal with the digital thermostat. Since I work from home, that’s not really all that big a deal. But the HVAC cabinet outside is something I just need to pay more attention to. That goes for my wife as well. She will be pulling weeds and throw a tarp over the top of the HVAC cabinet. I’ve reminded her that is a great way to choke out the HVAC unit. But the HVAC equipment outside also needs our attention. That’s what I’m going to do my best to get better about. I have a sort of monthly routine when I change the HVAC air filter so I’m going to add the HVAC cabinet to it. Mainly, it’s all about making sure there are no obstructions in order for the HVAC cabinet to breathe. So that’s weeds or any other debris that gets in the grate or the fins. I also like to vacuum out the drip line with a shop vac a couple of times per year. A healthy HVAC cabinet is vital to the rest of the HVAC unit.


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