Pay per click would really help

Sitting in a long line of traffic one day I got inspiration for a new thing at work.  I started working up ideas to present to our boss at our biweekly meeting. I calculated how many hours spent on average I am sitting in traffic with nothing to do. I do pay attention to the other vehicles around me.  I knew I wasn’t alone in these type of situations. I bet hundreds of cars I saw every day, are wasting time sitting around. I needed to find a way to make our HVAC company website rank higher on google. Obviously doing a huge ad campaign that would be on the side of city buses would be stupid. It is proven that digital marketing is better than print.  My method was to put our latest add on the side of those web pages so that it could reach the most amount of people as possible. The cost was a little bit more than your average google ad but, you never know where this ad will be seen and who might be seeing it. I work for one of the greatest Heating, Ventilation, and A/C companies in the city. We have a giant following but the people I was with and I are always looking to expand our customer list. You never know when you will lose business. So adding our marketing into the online world seems like a good idea. I want to attach our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair prices on the side of certain web pages. I want our google ad to pop up when people type in furnace or AC.

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